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Orcoz specializes in developing unique tools for the particular needs of a non-profit organization.

Donor software

The contribution documentation software provides an easy to use interface to record details of all donors and donations. The information can be updated manually or by importing existing databases using a secure connection via the internet. The software will generate customizable reports and can include reminders such as donor's birthdays and contribution renewal reminders. Exact specifications and definitions will be determined based on requirements.

Virtual donor wall

All non-profits must recognize and appreciate their donors. The virtual donation wall leverages the standard physical donor's wall, by placing a virtual reconfiguration on your website. When a user rolls over a virtual brick on the virtual wall with thier mouse, it will immediately and dynamically be enlarged to provide an image, profile and additional links about the donor.

Newsletter Software

The newsletter software for non-profit organization facilitates and monitors the effective distribution of electronic newsletters. As it tracks clicks, and time spent viewing a page it will be able to target interested individuals via follow up contact, to attract the individual to the organization, maximizing interest and donations.

Contribution software

Want to receive donations securely online? Orcoz will implement the capability to receive donations via credit card and Paypal on your website. The information will automatically be entered into the donor software and the contributor will be start receiving e-newsletters and proper contribution recognition.

Online store

Orcoz can implement a fully featured online store, accepting credit cards and paypal via secure payment, individual product pages, product descriptions and allowing users to purchase directly from the site. Orders will be tracked and documented with a shopping analytics program.

But why just sell from your website? Orcoz will maximize sales channels by coordinating the sale of your products via eBay and Amazon (where applicable).

Facebook application

If you do not yet have a presence on social networks, you probably aren't realizing your NPO's reach. Social networks such as Facebook provide an opportunity to distribute you message, attract users to your website, create a loyal community network, coordinate events, receive donations and sell virtual items to earn real money.

Contact Orcoz regarding any of the above services or to hear about more items in our NPO toolbox.

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