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Shaul Weisband

Branding and Copywriting

Shaul received his B.A in Communications from Bar Ilan University, with a specialty in branding and marketing.   Shaul graduated cum laude from the Academy of Commercial Communications, Israel's leading advertising and creative copywriting school. Shaul has consulted and worked with many organizations, companies and startups including the IDF, the Ministry of Public Security, the Israel Democracy Institute, the Israel Center for Excellence through Education, Keren Malki, Eldan, Teva, iMesh, IBI Investments House, and many more.

Many of Shaul's most creative ideas were inspired by his play time with Ariel and Talya, his two young children.

David Casirer


David is a graphic artist with B.Ed in graphic design and mass communications from Wizo Canada College of the Arts in Haifa. David specializes in characterizing, planning and designing web sites and web based applications. David uses the latest design techniques to create a complete and optimal user experience. David has designed for, among others, the Israeli Advertising Companies Union, SPL, the Ministry of Defense, Quest Software, Dan & Bradstreet Israel, Cellcom, Israel Electric Company, IDF, Ben-Gurion University, Nova, Agan Chemicals and many more.

David, married to Anatush (a pastry chef), is the father of triplets, (Or, Shely and Gal) and two dogs, Tina and Skipy. David loves music, food, computer games and is a passionate reader of on line encyclopedias.

Daniel Morris

IT and Website Solutions

Daniel grew up in Manchester, England and graduated from UMIST in 1989 with a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering. During his ongoing 20+ year relationship with the Internet, Daniel has used cutting edge technologies for many successful IT projects.

Daniel has executive-level experience with a number of charities and has played an integral role in their fundraising initiatives.

Daniel is also a qualified pharmacist and is married with four young children.

Moshe Saltzman

Marketing and Business Development

Moshe is a business and marketing consultant and strategist. Moshe received his MBA from Bar Ilan University and has been involved in the successful development and expansion of young companies. Moshe uses his marketing and business experience to help organizations expand, develop and reach their aspirations.

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