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Branding is a critical stage in recognizing the exact definition of what your cause is and what it wants to say. Orcoz specialists sit with every client to develop a luminous brand, or define the core values and messages of an existing brand. Orcoz produces a detailed branding brief creating a perfect synergy which can be used throughout all aspects of the organization: logo, design, events, press releases, and fund raising ideas etc. The resulting branding brief will guide the organization's brand, as your organization grows, develops and expands.


After producing the branding brief, Orcoz's creative team brings the values, characteristics and messages to life through original designs of the incorporating logo, website, corporate materials etc. The visual concept of the organization creates a unified brand throughout all of its material, making it easy to recognize and identify with.

IT and Web Solutions

In today's era, an organization's online presence is critical to its existence. In addition to communicating with individuals who choose to visit your site, a proper web presence actively beams your message to a broad base of "good doers". The Internet is an effective tool to distribute information and collect financial contributions. The majority of information today is relayed online, including contribution collection. Your website and online presence are the main points of contact with the public and has to be executed to perfection, conveying the exact emotions and messages.

Creative Copywriting

There are many ways to say something.
To know how to say it, in a way that people will enjoy reading and connect to the message- that is a whole different story. Content such as your organization's profile, website, and newsletter must be written in a clear, easy to understand message that emotionally connects to your readers. Orcoz's professional copywriters specialize in transforming content to a crisp, coherent and creative message, conveying your values and principles effectively to your readers.

Marketing and Business Strategy

A non-profit organization needs to operate with the same efficiency and effectiveness (if not more) than a for-profit company. Donors are looking for accountability of their donations and competency in the organization's management. A non-profit organization which operates properly will be significantly more successful in recruiting donations, broadcasting their message and impacting those that need help. Orcoz will create a roadmap and business strategy based on your organization's goals, brand and message; maximizing all available technology and social tools. A non-profit organization needs to shine and be noticed. Making the right decisions when it comes to strategy, events, fundraising and marketing is crucial to keep your organization cogent and on a path of expansion and growth.

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